Memories From The Past

Posted on 02/26/2017 @ 7:40pm by Vice Admiral Jaeih t'Llweii & Fleet Admiral K'Tyra Parker & Fleet Admiral Joseph Korso & Colonel Carmine Redgrave & Civilian Jeff Monreau

Mission: Prologue: The Beginning Of Things
Location: Starfleet Command, Earth
Timeline: 0900 Hours
Tags: Fleet-Admiral Joseph Korso, Vice Admiral Jaeih t'Llweii

In the dawn of the U.S.S. Voyager's safe return to Earth from the secluded region of space known as the Delta Quadrant, Starfleet Command began meeting with the Federation Council to create a new group of people to study the new and advanced technologies that the Intrepid-Class starship, U.S.S. Voyager brought back when she returned to the Alpha Quadrant.

Studies of these new and distinctively advanced technologies began immediately and before long, Eight ships were refitted to bear them. The different classes of these starships that would be refitted to bear these new and advanced technologies would include the Intrepid, Defiant, Sovereign, Galaxy, Nebula, and Prometheus classes; Which are supplied by an outpost on the faraway planet known as Lense XII.

Starfleet Command and the Federation Council have also decided to name this new group as the Galactic Alliance Fleet, However, They had not yet decided who would be the best choice to oversee the operations of this group.


Joseph Korso sat in his office on Starbase 214, he received a call that his daughter came to visit. He smiled a bit as he sent word for his daughter to come to his office, as he needed to talk to her.

K'Tyra silently entered the office on Starbase 214, Like she had done so many times before; Though, When she was younger, She would usually sit on the bench outside the Fleet-Admiral's office and talk to the office receptionist while she waited to see her father. She knew he was a very busy man, The Fleet-Admiral had lots of things to do- Most of it being paperwork. That was normally the routine any Starfleet Admiral or Fleet-Admiral would have to take up, Paperwork was just the tip of the iceberg- So to speak. K'Tyra understood this, She herself had a lot of it to do too. But not this time. This time, She had been summoned to her father's office. For what, She wasn't sure of.

Almost at once, The receptionist led her straight into Fleet-Admiral Korso's office and announced in a clear voice, "Fleet-Admiral K'Tyra Parker has come to see you as ordered, Sir."

"Thank you, please have a seat Admiral," Joseph replied to K'Tyra, Gesturing to the empty seat in front of his desk.

K'Tyra took her seat in the chair in front of her father's desk, "C'mon Dad. You know you don't have to call me that all the time, Right?" She said with a joking smile, "You know as well as I do, That that routine only works when the receptionist is around, And right now, She's not even in here." She let out a chuckle as she knew that she was right; The receptionist wasn't even in the room, She'd left the moment K'Tyra had sat down in the chair in front of her father's desk.

"That's true," Joseph replied smiling. "You do have a point K'Tyra," Joseph replied chuckling moments later.

K'Tyra smiled, Then cleared her throat and straightened her uniform's tunic before she spoke, "So, When you contacted me before; You implied that there was something we needed to speak about?" She gave her father a questioning look as she added, "Is there something wrong?"

"Nothing wrong at all," Joseph replied. "The reason why I called you here is this, The Federation Council has come up with a Fleet as a test-bed for the new technologies that the USS Voyager has brought back from their seven year sojourn in the Delta Quadrant; They have not yet chosen a leader for this fleet, But they've named it 'The Galactic Alliance Fleet'." Joseph replied.

"They haven't chosen anyone to lead this fleet yet, Have they?" K'Tyra asked her father as she gave him a questioning glance.

"We are actually to meet with them about it," Joseph replied.

"Alright. Then I suppose we shouldn't keep them waiting any longer then, Should we?" K'Tyra asked with the same questioning look she'd given her father earlier.

"No we shouldn't, let's head there now," Joseph replied as he got up from his seat and walked around his desk.

With a nod, K'Tyra stood up from her seat, and stood beside her father, As if waiting for him to take the lead so that she could follow him.

Joseph led the way out of his office, making his way to talk with the Federation Council.

K'Tyra followed suit, Walking right beside him as they made their way to the council chamber where the members of the Federation Council were sitting, Waiting for them to arrive.

Mere moments later they arrive to the council chamber, Joseph then came to a stop in the council chamber.

K'Tyra followed suit and stood beside her father, She had been in the council chamber several times before. Many times more than she could count during her career in Starfleet. As she stood beside her father, She eagerly awaited what the council had to say.

One of the Federation Council Members leaned forward a bit, he was a Bajoran male, and he then looks to Fleet Admiral Joseph Korso.

"Admiral Korso, may I ask why you have asked for a meeting with us?" Federation Council Member Akorem Jakobi asked.

"It's to the regard of Galactic Alliance Fleet, and who should run it." Joseph replied.

"Very well, you may proceed." Akorem Jakobi said.

"With Galactic Alliance Fleet on its way to where it is now we need someone to run this Fleet, and I have someone in mind that could run it." Joseph replied. Another Federation Council Member spoke up after Joseph had finished, she was a Betazoid female.

"And may I ask Admiral Korso, Who you had in mind to run Galactic Alliance Fleet?" Federation Council Member Tarina asked. Joseph lifted his arm up and gently pushed his daughter K'Tyra forward.

"Who is this that you have selected to run Galactic Alliance Fleet?" Federation Council Member Ranul a male Trill asked.

"This is Fleet Admiral K'Tyra Parker, she is who I have in mind to run Galactic Alliance Fleet as its CO." Joseph said.

"Do you think you will be able to run Galactic Alliance Fleet-Admiral Parker?" Federation Council Member Lissan sh’Shran a female Aenar asked.

K'Tyra gave her father a sideways glance after he'd gently pushed her forward, "Yes, Ma'am." She answered the female Aenarian Federation Council Member confidently.

"Very well, as of now Fleet-Admiral Parker, You are in charge of Galactic Alliance Fleet. Good luck with your new assignment Admiral," Federation Council Member Akorem Jakobi replied to K'Tyra.

"Thank you, Sir." K'Tyra responded respectfully. With that said, She took one look at her father, and nodded to him as she waited to see if the council members would dismiss them both from the council chambers.

"You are both dismissed," Federation Council Member Lissan sh’Shran replied.

With that said, K'Tyra turned and headed straight for the exit of the council chambers, She didn't really say anything further, But the look on her face showed that she had a concern or two to debate over. She, of course, Was sure her father noticed the look as the two of them walked down the corridor together after leaving the council chambers.

"Something is bothering you, what is it?" Joseph asked as he walked beside his daughter.

With a sigh, K'Tyra stopped walking down the corridor and shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know, Dad. I mean, What if I mess up as CO of this group?" She asked with a concerned tone in her voice, "Sure, I know that I can handle it, And you know that too; But what if I suddenly buckle under the pressure? It's not like that Parises' Squares tournament I had when I was younger, This is much bigger."

"You won't buckle under the pressure, you'll do fine. I just know it," Joseph replied.

"I certainly hope you're right about that." K'Tyra muttered aloud, Still, The concern was evident in the answer she'd given him.

"It might be different than what you are use too, but not to worry I'll be there with you," Joseph replied.

K'Tyra cheered up instantly when her father reassured her that he'd be there with her, "Well now that the pleasantries are out of the way, Why don't you take me on a tour of this starbase of yours, Dad?" She replied to her father, "You've told me so much about it during our last subspace communication; Yet, You haven't given me the grand tour of it."

Joseph smiled at that, "Of course, let's get started with the tour right now," Joseph replied.

With a nod, K'Tyra followed her father as he began the grand tour of the starbase. First, The two of them stopped in Operations. When they entered, A male Bolian cadet was the first person to notice them, and announced to the officers who were there going about their normal business, "Admirals on deck!" This announcement nearly made K'Tyra jump in surprise, but she remained calm and kept herself quiet since she figured her father would handle it. After all, This starbase was his command, not hers.

"At ease everyone," Joseph replied as he turned to his daughter. "This is main Operations," Joseph replied.

"Impressive." K'Tyra commented to her father as she looked around the room they were in, "I've heard alot about this place. Starfleet had said it wouldn't be ready for your command for another week. Guess they must've been mislead on that prospect." She chuckled at her comment, Wondering if her father would laugh too.

"I think they where definitely mislead on it," Joseph replied as he started laughing.

"No doubt about that." K'Tyra agreed nodding to her father whilst still chuckling. As the two of them walked past the other officers who were busy working on the nearby consoles and stations while they continued on with the tour; She stopped chuckling and glanced at her father in a more serious manner as she spoke, "What does Mom say about living here on the station? You know she wasn't very happy when you told her that Starfleet had told you that you'd be assigned to this starbase, And that she'd have to leave Earth too to be with you."

Joseph sighed, "She doesn't like it here, but over time maybe your mother will get used to living here," Joseph replied.

"Maybe, But as you're well aware, Dad. Mom doesn't very much like the thought of the constant use of space travel." K'Tyra responded smiling, "After all, I remember she'd always complained of being space sick whenever you took her with you on missions. I could've sworn every time she did that, She just wanted to be dropped off back on Earth." She added with a slight chuckle.

"She prefers to remain on Earth than any where else," Joseph replied chuckling.

"That's for sure." K'Tyra responded to her father, Still chuckling nonetheless. "So, How many decks does this station have? Or have you not gone through them all yourself yet?" She cleared her throat and asked her father as they continued their tour of the starbase.

Joseph smirked at that, "According to specs about 1,200 decks. It would take me years just to see every deck on this station," Joseph replied.

K'Tyra nodded, Then gestured in front of her, Indicating to her father to have him lead the way, "Then I guess we'd better get that tour started, Shall we?"She replied with a playful smirk on her face.

Joseph grinned at that, "By all means lets go," Joseph replied as he led the way.

**Present Day**

K'Tyra sat behind her desk in the readyroom of the USS Azshalaris; Whilst the ship sat in the dry dock of the Solaria Minor shipyards, Awaiting it's retrofitting and upgrading of all of its systems. A cup of coffee was held in K'Tyra's left hand, whilst a stack of padds was resting on the desk by her right arm, and a single padd was being held in her right hand.

She'd been sitting here at her desk for about an hour, Glancing at each padd, and idly sipping her coffee. Occasionally, She'd glance to the windows of her readyroom to see the worker bees flying past them as they worked on the outer hull of her ship. K'Tyra then went back to reading the padd she held in her hand, and didn't even look up when the doorbell of the readyroom door had been rung.

"Come in." Was all the response K'Tyra had ever given as she was still reading the padd she'd held in her hand.

Jaeih walked into the Admiral's Ready Room, she then stood to attention. "Vice Admiral Jaeih t'Llweii reporting in," Jaieh replied as she held a padd in her hand.

"Ah, Vice Admiral t'Llweii. Good of you to come." K'Tyra answered, Noting the padd, She grunted, "Lemme guess, You've come bearing a gift." Smiling at her own joke, K'Tyra held out her hand towards the woman, so as to receive the padd that Jaeih had carried into the readyroom with her.

"I have Admiral, its a status update on the refits sir," Jaeih replied as she handed the padd over.

K'Tyra nodded. Glancing at the padd, She read the first few lines of the status update. "Would you like some tea, or coffee; Perhaps something to eat?" She asked Jaeih, Gesturing towards the replicator on the far wall of her readyroom.

"Tea please and thank you," Jaeih replied.

K'Tya nodded as she stood from her seat behind her desk and began to head towards her replicator, "Computer, One cup of tea; and one Raktajino, Hot." She'd decided that drinking one more cup of coffee was going to drive her insane since she'd been drinking it all day today. The replicator whirred to life, and the requested items had quickly materialized on the replicator's tray in no time flat. K'Tyra reached towards the replicator and grabbed both drinks, Handing the cup of tea over to Jaeih as she sipped her own Raktajino.

Jaeih took the cup of tea and sipped it, she relaxed herself as she was a bit nervous.

K'Tyra seemed to notice the change in body language as Jaeih seemed to relax herself now after sipping her tea, "Feel better?" She didn't even have to ask since she already knew by the movements Jaeih made. Though, K'Tyra seemed surprised that Jaeih was much older than herself; And inwardly, She wondered to herself at how the woman would react or respond to being ordered by someone who was- By far, many, many years younger than herself.

"Much better, thank you," Jaeih replied.

"You're welcome." K'Tyra answered with a smile, Then glanced over at the windows of her readyroom for a moment just as a worker bee zipped right past them, Carrying what looked to be a metallic panel around half the size of the readyroom's windows, Underneath it in an upwards direction over the ship. "It's hard to believe that we're already getting retrofitted with the new technologies that the USS Voyager brought back from the Delta Quadrant." K'Tyra mused aloud whilst watching that worker bee disappear above the windows. Seemingly amazed at how quickly the USS Azshalaris had been selected for the retrofitting and upgrades.

"Mmm, it deserves the retrofit that's for sure," Jaeih replied.

"No arguments there." K'Tyra responded with a nod, "Though, With this ship being a Prometheus class, I did make sure that there was a First Officer's chair next to the Command chair on the bridge. After all, I doubt you'd want to stay on your feet all the time. Especially if we tend to go into battle." She added with a wink, Then sighed for a moment, As if musing aloud to herself, "I would also hate to see what I'd do to the engineers if they refused my request." Knowing her half-Klingon side, K'Tyra tried not to succumb to it as often as she could, But it was quite difficult for her to do at times. Especially now that she was a Commanding Officer. Her Klingon side tended to be a rather unpleasant sight to see. Not just for herself, But for others to see too. She tried to keep it under tight control whenever it was necessary.

"That's very true, although that depends half the time that I might need to be on my feet more due to my other position," Jaeih replied as she sipped her tea again.

K'Tyra nodded, "I kinda want to see the multi-vectored assault mode in action, To be honest." She'd never seen it before, and the thought of it made her interested to find out how it worked.

"I've heard of it and read about it, that's about it. Never seen it before myself," Jaeih replied.

"Then we'll both be surprised, I'm sure." K'Tyra answered with a soft chuckle. Soon, The worker bees outside of the windows had started to disappear out of sight one by one; Signalling the completion of their work. Now, All that was left was the engineers' work on the interior half of the ship to be done.