Return to Command

Posted on 03/10/2018 @ 1:28pm by Vice Admiral Thomas Michaels
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Hello Members of the Gallactic Alliance Fleet

My name is Michael McGinnis,

I am in known in he group as Rear Admiral Thomas Michaels and I will command the U.S.S. Ceasar.
it has been some time since I have posted, however things are such that I can return for some missions
I have been contemplating.

I wish to thank you all for the opportunity to be part of one of the finest groups in the Star Trek universe!


Stardate: 239103.10

Rear Admiral Thomas Michaels:: (( I was sitting in my home watching the many shuttlecraft wing their way through the the air, and wondering where they all were going.))

Rear Admiral Thomas Michaels:: Computer, Begin Personal Log

Computer((NPC)) Acknowledged, Begin Recording.

Rear Admiral Thomas Michaels:: It's been a long time since I last sat in the command chair of the Caesar, I have just been contacted by Fleet Headquarters and ordered to report to the office of Fleet Admiral Joseph Korso. We just had lunch 2 weeks ago and he at that time had told me of something that might peak my interest. It seems that an old friend of mine Captain Steven Marsh had been patrolling near the Ardala Cluster, which is home to the Cephians. The planet they reside on is called Cephala 2. The planet supplies very rare minerals that Starfleet needs for construction of alot of our Multi-Phasic weapons. And also are used in the construction of our most important covert operational Starbases. The Cephians have reported that there have been some illegal mining operations happening and lately someone has been trying to gain entry to their main computer that houses the distribution for the entire inventory of shipments they send to Starbases including Starbase 214. If the people that are doing the illegal mining there gain access to the main computer they would have the location of several covert operational assets and locations and could very possibly raid not only the shipments, but also could either destroy or commandeer some or all of our operations and quite literally cripple our operations within the entire quadrant.

I have no idea if any of my old crew are around or even in the fleet. But I have to find some or all of them as they are the people I trust most with this type of mission. Time is of the essence however so I must begin immediately finding my old crew, or as many as I can. Perhaps I will contact Fleet Admiral Parker, She may be able to help me find competent crew members for this mission. Hopefully I can find and stop this very dangerous bunch and stop them.

Rear Admiral Thomas Michaels:: Computer, End Personal Log.

Computer(NPC):: Recording stopped.

Rear Admiral Thomas Michaels
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Caesar

"Without Risk There can Be No Accomplishment,"
"Without Accomplishment There Can Be No Future."