Lieutenant Colonel Kered Nella

Name Kered Nella Qel

Position Group Commander

Second Position Mission Advisor

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 190
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Two meters in height the Colonel has a silver mane of thick dreaded hair. Dark skin the color of rachagino with a dash of cream. His silent and gruff management style is in contrast to his bedside manner when faced with sick or or injured personal. He stands erect in a strict military bearing at all times when in public places.


Spouse Former Major Lynn Brando
Children None
Father Chalez of the House of Nella
Mother G'win
Brother(s) Khalez House of Nella: older brother Warrior in the Klingon Empire, Captain of the IKV Leather Wing.
Svag House of Nella: younger brother lead scientist on a Klingon deep space outpost near Kantor VII.
Sister(s) Ti'Rezee House of Nella: Warrior and Doctor aboard the IKV Sabre
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests He enjoys glactic history, mainly Human and Klingon. He also is interested in flying, anything to do with piloting a shuttle or a fighter craft. Kered has been involved in the development of several Starfleet refits for both types of ships.

Security Clearance


Personal History Kered Nella studied as a doctor for the Empire. All of the death that could be avoided. The fact that some warriors were willing to die, instead of wanting to be healed mystified him. To not wish to live make the offender pay for wounded them became a serious moral problem for Qel Nella.

Qel (Doctor) Nella then left the Empire after gaining permission from the High Council, to join StarFleet and learn how the Federation treated wounded in battle! So Kered Nella first joined the Star Fleet Marine Corps, and after OTC he graduated as First Lieutenant. And was assigned to the Fighter Wing, "Abomination" 989th AWC as second wing pilot. While learning skills at being a pilot, Qel Nella also started training to become a Flight Surgeon using his medical skills to the best advantage in his studies.

After serving aboard the USS Blackheart and doing research for a breakthrough procedure to further Aerospace combat maneuvers and capabilities for the next century. He was part of the team to design and test the air superiority fighter F/A 63- Razorbeast. Qel Nella then became a consultant for the refit of a special search and rescue ship for the Marine Corps Aerospace Branch. After the refit of the Aerowing Shuttle the SFMC Aerospace Branch has allowed now; Lieutenant Colonel Nella to have the exclusive use of two of these shuttles for use in Emergency Research and Rescue of personnel planet side and in space.

The assignment to the USS Golden Gate began the culmination of his skills in medicine and command knowledge as he takes charge of the 49th Medical SAR Group. He and his long time friend, Major R'raaww have been assigned to a new squad of Groundbeasts who will go into danger to help those in need.

He has now been given command of the USS Stephen Hawking a Time Displacement Vessel on missions which are classified.
Service Record SFMC AWARDS
SFMC Awards
Initial Entry Training Award Awarded 02/23/2010
Marine Proficiency Award Awarded 03/20/2010
Aerospace Wings Device Awarded 03/31/2010
Leader's Commendation Awarded 04/15/2010
Aeromedical Wings Device Awarded 05/06/2010
Leadership Device with Silver Wreath Awarded 03/08/2012
Infantry Advanced Device - Silver Awarded 03/08/2012
Leadership Device with Gold Wreath Awarded 03/14/2012
Aerospace Wings Device Awarded 05/27/2012
Parachutist Wings Device Awarded 05/29/2012
Professional Development Award Awarded 06/02/2012
Special Operations Device Awarded 07/03/2012
Mecha Sash Device Awarded 07/25/2012
Brigade Muster Award Awarded 11/12/2012
SFMC Anniversary Ribbon Awarded 12/26/2012
Maritime Operations Branch Device Awarded 12/26/2012
Good Conduct Medal Awarded 02/23/2013
Academic Excellence Award Awarded 06/04/2013
Legion of Arms Awarded 08/16/2013
Embassy Duty Awarded 10/04/2013
Academic Excellence Award Awarded 07/08/2014
Medical Caduceus Awarded 07/08/2014
SFMC Recruitment & Retention Awarded 07/19/2014
SFA Awards
Boothby 0050 - Bronze (50) Awarded 06/07/2012
Boothby 0100 - Silver (100) Awarded 06/16/2013
Red Squad Member Awarded 08/05/2013
Time in Service Award - 2 Years Awarded 08/22/2015
Course Summary
SFA 26 13 8 2
TRACOM 98 41 25 32
OVERALL 124 54 33 34