Civilian Jeff Monreau

Name Jeff Monreau

Position Yeoman

Rank Civilian


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02/26/2017 @ 7:40pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Height 5′ 8”
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Jeff has a slight muscular build, average height & weight for a boy of his age. His normal clothing can vary from jeans with shirts to leather pants with sweaters but he is often seen wearing black tipless gloves a red leather jacket/trench coat, underneath that a red & black sweater with red pants and black military boots.


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Father -
Mother -
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Other Family -

Personality & Traits

General Overview As a child Jeff had a kind and caring, yet spoiled personality, however this all changed after the death of his parents he became stubborn, adversarial he would almost never do the things he was told him to do. Jeff also isn’t a person who is afraid to say what’s on his mind without thinking, which in most cases hurt the people he’s interacting with and gets him in a fight with that particular person.

Strengths & Weaknesses * Strengths:
Hacking, safe cracking & pick pocketing abilities, Intelligence,

* Weaknesses:
His parents death, Alcohol, pizza, Strawberry sundaes, stubbornness, anger issues.
Ambitions Well just see where I end up.
Hobbies & Interests Jeff has a fondness for pizza, and while he complains about olives, he always ends up with them on his pizza, he is also shown to favor strawberry sundaes. And has had the unfortunate habit of getting roaring drunk sometimes, one of the bad habits he picked up when he was hanging with the wrong crowd. Other hobbies include; Playing old console games, Drawing, Playing his Guitar, Listening to music, Watching movies.

Security Clearance


Personal History Born into a small but wealthy family who owned a small business. Jeff was always being spoiled by his father always getting what he wanted. At the age of 6 he started to learn to play the guitar and for such a young age he was quite good at it. Besides learning to play an instrument the boy was also put on martial arts. He seemed to have a good life ahead of him. As he went to school got good grades, but on the first day he went to high school his parents were involved in a shuttle accident and died. Jeff of course was devastated.

Because the boy was still a minor he was assigned a foster family where the parents did their best to take good care of him. The boy was clinging to his spoiled attitude and was difficult to handle. And drifted from foster home to foster home. Jeff eventually joined up with the wrong kind of people causing him neglect his studies, and entered a life of crime.

Becoming a petty thief, a hacker and was arrested on several occasions for small transgressions, but no matter how many times he got arrested, grounded or placed in jail he kept stealing and participating in illegal activities this went on for several years and was sent to numerous family members and foster homes until even they had enough, and the person who was responsible for Jeff found a distant family member on his mother’s side and the person in charge sent a falsified message to that particular family member to get rid of Jeff.
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