Colonel Carmine Redgrave

Name Carmine Tony Redgrave

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Colonel


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02/26/2017 @ 7:40pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Weight 84.82 kg (187.0 lb)
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color light blue
Physical Description Average human build 5'9” and looks older then he actually is due to all the stress in his life. And has a piece of shrapnel embedded in the right side of his chest from the Backbone. When off duty Carmine likes to wear suits and under his suit he always carries two M1911-style handguns named Luce & Ombra that were handed down to him by his father after he died.


Spouse -
Children -
Father John Redgrave - Deceased
Mother Sarah Redgrave - Deceased
Brother(s) -
Sister(s) -
Other Family -

Personality & Traits

General Overview Carmine is a caring, gentle and open minded person. But can sometimes be quite harsh when it comes to training his marines or the job. And although he cares very much about his close friends he doesn't quite show it on the surface. Carmine is known to be a small time joker. As for foods the man likes to eat what is generally available and doesn’t have much of a favorite food or that is known.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: open minded, caring, gentle, determined.

Weaknesses: Death of his parents, Old cars.
Ambitions To start a family, keep those around him safe.
Hobbies & Interests His hobbies include guns & cars, he has an extensive gun and car collection at his home on earth and always has a virtual copy of that collection with him when he’s on a starship.

Security Clearance


Personal History Carmine was born December 14th 2341 in Blue Island, Illinois. His family later moved to Tokyo Japan, where he studied several martial arts from the age of 4 attended high school until he was 18 years old. After finishing school Carmine didn't quite know what to do with his life. And took up Eskrima for 2 years and then decides to apply for Starfleet marine academy and got accepted. After his four years at the academy he was assigned to the USS Backbone as a marine.

Carmine saw a lot of action during the Federation - Cardassian war in mid July 2365 the Backbone was sent to the edge of Federation/Cardassian space to do recon but was attacked by a Cardassian Galor class warship. The Backbone was badly damaged during the fight and was invaded. The marines were able to defend the Backbone successfully. Both ships were damaged the Backbone was more damaged then the Galor. The captain of the Backbone talked with her senior staff who determined that the Backbone was to badly damaged and decided to do a little invading of her own.

The captain handpicked Carmine's team for the invasion and gave them 30 minutes to brief his team and get them ready. After getting them ready he led his team onto the Galor and took out its crew. Carmine's team captured the First officer and commanding officer and gave the all clear for their captain to come aboard. When the captain beamed aboard a plasma conduit exploded as he was escorting her to the bridge. She died as they arrived at starbase 52. He and his team were reassigned to Marin II the front line. Within the first two weeks on Marin II their unit was under attack from Cardassian troops. They got into an intense battle that lasted for several months before reinforcements arrived. Carmine was badly injured and had to be transported back to starfleet medical along with a few other marines.

Carmine was despite the doctors prognosis able to fully recover from his injuries, however did keep a souvineer from the incident and was given the option to return to active duty. Carmine refused because of personal reasons that he had to work out but did want to be a part of the corp. He went back to the academy and become an assistant instructor training marines and continued his studies in the martial arts. For several years until he was promoted captain and asked to teach at the academy at the beginning and during the Dominion war. After the war her left the academy and became a freelancer and did some work here and there and began to work on his pride and joy a modified 2010 Chevrolet avalanche but was very busy and often when he promised to be working on it he had to do a job. A Few years went by before he had done enough jobs to actually finish his car and was looking around for more jobs and found his way aboard the USS Azshalaris with another promotion to Major and as MCO besides over seeing the marines he can ocassionally be found in the ship’s mess tending the bar and be a listening ear to those in need.
Service Record 2361-2362 – 1st year cadet
2362-2363 – 2nd year cadet
2363-1264 – 3rd year cadet
2364-1265 – 4th year cadet
2365-2365 – Marine aboard the USS backbone
2365-2367 – Marin II
2367-2370 – Assistant Instructor
2370-2375 – Marine instructor
2375-2386 – Freelancer Merc
2386- pres – MCO / Bartender USS Azshalaris.